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Alexander Moore is a young but fast growing Africa focused digital media publishing and advertising company with 10 cool sites in it’s portfolio of businesses: Answers Africa, Afrodigit, Listabuzz, Buzz South Africa, Buzz Nigeria, Buzz Kenya, Buzz Ghana, Buyer Linkage and Just Richest just to name a few. Each website is independent and part of Alexander Moore Brand.

Content Development

We work with a number of talented industry experts to create high quality and engaging content in various forms

Content Publishing

Our network of niche sites provide topic-focused articles on anything from entertainment to business and tech.

Content Distribution

Alexander Moore Digital Media provides a brand new way for brands to reach high-quality, intent-driven audiences.


Our content sites and products allow access to the best collection of local content you don’t find anywhere else.


Authoritative and in-depth Answers and Solutions backed with facts to inform and evaluate.


New innovative Ideas and Breakthroughs meant to Inspire and educate – Advertising and Branding coming soon!

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10 Social Media Sites You Haven’t Heard of in Africa

MXit which originated from South Africa is Africa’s biggest social network today claiming up to 10 million active users in South Africa, with 50 million registered users worldwide. According to Alan …… [More at]


5 Best African Basketball Stars In NBA – of All Time

Most of the African basketball stars that has found their way into the NBA have continued to prove they are not just good but very good at the game. Here is a list of the  best African Basketball stars in the NBA…. [More at]

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Top 10 Remarkable Events in US History

There are plenty of events in US history that may stand out as memorable and notable, but not all of them make the cut of being labeled as “remarkable”. Whether you are studying US history for a …. [More at]

Without our service and technology partners, our effort would have no meaning

A digital technology and social media web property dedicated to tech enthusiasts with special focus on Africa.
Answers Africa
A knowledge base for Africa, this website presents the most fascinating but lesser known facts about Africa.
An entertainment website that covers some of those fascinating things you don’t usually find around.
Buzz Sites
A collection of country specific information websites providing local content in 4 countries.
March 30, 2014
It’s March 2014, and we have 3 key members of the Alexander Moore family (Digital Media Div) onboard! Chuka Udeze, Nigeria, United Kingdom Emeka Udeze,…

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March 28, 2014
Technology today is becoming an essential amenity on the continent with mobile phones and mobile technology occupying a very important position, African economies are among…

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March 28, 2014
Facebook advertising and marketing strategy has always been based on the premise that “Social” is the future of the internet advertising business, this is based on…

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