Alexander Moore Partners Limited; a new digital content publishing company has launched in Africa and plans to empower Africans through creative, high quality and informative content publishing. To be able to achieve this, Alexander Moore has set up a portfolio of 7 independent web properties: Answers Africa, Afrodigit, Listabuzz, Buzz Nigeria, Buzz South Africa, Buzz Kenya ad Buzz Ghana. The four independent premium online publishing brands (Buzz Nigeria, Buzz South Africa, Buzz Kenya, Buzz Ghana ) would be serving multicultural audiences covering four different countries in Africa: Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana respectively.

Answers Africa will focus on enlightening Africans on some of the most fascinating and lesser known facts on places, businesses, technologies, sports, travel and people including some of the most exquisite and savoury dishes one can ever taste in Africa. A team of highly skilled and experienced editors have undertaken the task to create original, factual and comprehensive source of information for individuals and explorers with interest in Africa with the purpose of making Answers Africa a knowledge base for Africa and an indispensable resource for those who are crazy about learning something new and a valuable knowledge to share.

Afrodigit is Alexander Moore Media’s digital technology and social media centred web property for IT professionals, designers, business professionals and tech enthusiasts. A team of tech inspired and highly motivated editors will publish useful tricks, tutorials and product information covering the world of consumer technology and latest developments pioneered by African technology in various categories like gadgets and digital products with the ultimate need of helping to meet the information & resource needs most especially for the emerging markets of Africa.

Listabuzz will target a vast group of curious and fun loving consumers who want to satisfy their urge for interesting and sometimes obscure and bizarre information that are not usually found around on the web. Listabuzz will distribute interesting and intriguing information on a variety of subjects that would target more global audience in entertainment, business, politics, technology, history, society, travel just to name a few.

Co-Founder and CEO Chuka Udeze said, “Alexander Moore will passionately pursue its objective which is empowering Africans, offering a thriving platform for the most adept web-native voices to reach out to their passionate audiences. There exists a gap in Africa’s representation on the internet and that’s what we are hoping to fill starting by delivering the missing pieces pioneered by the inherent talents and creativity that abound within the continent.”

“Africa offers an unrivalled environment for business opportunities, investors and professionals and Alexander Moore has strategically positioned itself as a leading African media company that will reach out to the under-served Africans by providing original and topic-focused contents through its network of niche portals and ultimately become an indispensable resource for those intending to do business in Africa,” said Chuka Udeze, Co-Founder and CEO of Alexander Moore Partners.

There are only a few useful resources for those seeking to better understand what goes on in the continent. There are already news resources to take care of the regular events and policies affecting the continent but there are still a lot of facts that pass by unreported and that is where Alexander Moore Media comes in.

About Alexander Moore

Alexander Moore ( is a revolutionary African digital media publishing group that owns and operates a dynamic portfolio of digital media brands focused on innovative, original and resourceful local content. The media group was established by Alexander Moore Partners with the purpose of reaching Africa’s multicultural audiences. Alexander Moore provides a brand new way for brands to reach high-quality, intent-driven audiences through a network of niche sites that provide topic-focused articles on anything from entertainment to business and technology you don’t usually find anywhere else.