Alexander Moore Partners Ltd (, a startup digital media, marketing and advertising company serving multicultural audiences
with special focus on Africa and emerging markets, is pleased to announce the launch of its network of 7 sites including 4 country specific social news and entertainment websites providing local content in areas of Business, Entertainment, History, People and Politics, Arts and Culture, DIY, Romance, Animals, Technology and everything else across 4 African countries; these websites are Buzz South Africa, Buzz Nigeria, Buzz Ghana and Buzz Kenya.

Others are A digital technology and social media website dedicated to tech enthusiasts, IT professionals, bloggers, designers and entrepreneurs focusing on Africa. Afrodigit is managed by a team of tech inspired and highly motivated individuals. Afrodigit publishes useful tricks, tutorials, tools and resources covering the world of consumer technology and latest developments pioneered by African technology in various categories like gadgets and digital products with the ultimate need of helping to meet the information & resource needs of the people. Also included is which is a website for individuals and explorers who have interest in Africa. Answers Africa presents the most fascinating and sometimes rare knowledge about Africa and the world around it. The website publishes intriguing information on a variety of categories like business, entertainment, technology, religion, sports and travel as they relate to Africa. which is also a part of Alexander Moore is an entertainment website that publishes interesting facts on a variety of subjects.

The country specific websites are comprised of the most interesting and engaging Africa focused articles that are not commonly found around such as “Everything you Must know About Guinea-West Africa Ebola Outbreak”, “Everything You Must Know About Boko Haram in Nigeria” and “10 Stereotypes of Africans that Aren’t Always True”, just the kind of articles people would love to share with friends.

The Technology and Lists websites also publish interesting articles such as “10 Social Media Sites You’ve not heard of in Africa” and “10 African Business Ideas That Will Make You Rich” just to name a few.

Why Focusing on Africa?
Africa is considered as the world’s fastest growing continent with huge business potential for entrepreneurs and investors. Growth in business technology across the continent is currently leading the way. According to African Development Bank recent report: Africa now has the fastest-growing middle class in the world: Some 313 million people with high propensity to spend, that is roughly 34% of Africa’s population.

According to Nielsen’s Global AdView Pulse 2012 report, advertising in the emerging markets of the Middle East and Africa rose more than 30 percent in 2012, The findings from Nielsen’s quarterly Global AdView Pulse report shows that emerging markets continue to outpace developed markets, with the Middle East and Africa up 19.6% year on year, According to World bank data, the Sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP approximately totalled $1.29 TRILLION in 2012 with a GDP growth rate of approx. 5% in 2012-2013. It is expected that the GDP of the entire continent would increase from $2 trillion to $29 trillion in the next 40 years. Despite this vast potential, yet there are just a few high-quality useful resources for both Africans and non-Africans seeking to get informed, entertained, engage or do business in Africa.

Alexander Moore is here to meet that need, to provide the much needed local content, “The local content gold rush is only just getting started and we want to be a part and parcel of it,” said Chuka Udeze, co-founder and CEO of Alexander Moore.

The company’s approach is to bring together all the required elements that will make it possible to create a unique Africa focused content. Alexander Moore is all about putting Africa on the map but it doesn’t just end there… In addition to meeting the needs of target audiences, the plan is to provide quality services and advertising opportunities that will give both local and international brands the opportunity to tap into the fast growing African market through the company’s various digital brands. As an internet marketing company, Alexander Moore will also develop content driven commerce web properties in the areas of consumer goods, financial services and healthcare as the need arises.

About Alexander Moore
Alexander More is Africa focused new generation digital media and online marketing company building a network of websites for consumers around the world particularly targeting their interests and lifestyle. Our network of niche sites provide topic-focused articles on anything from entertainment to business and technology. Our content sites allow access to the best collection of local content you don’t find anywhere else. To learn more about Alexander Moore, visit