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Alexander Moore Partners Limited; a new digital content publishing company has launched in Africa and plans to empower Africans through creative, high quality and informative content publishing. To be able to achieve this, Alexander Moore has set up a portfolio of 7 independent web properties: Answers Africa, Afrodigit, Listabuzz, Buzz Nigeria, Buzz South Africa, Buzz Kenya ad Buzz Ghana. The four independent premium online publishing brands (Buzz Nigeria, Buzz South Africa, Buzz Kenya, Buzz Ghana ) would be serving multicultural audiences covering four different countries in Africa: Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana respectively.


Alexander Moore Partners Ltd (alexmooremedia.com), a startup digital media, marketing and advertising company serving multicultural audiences
with special focus on Africa and emerging markets, is pleased to announce the launch of its network of 7 sites including 4 country specific social news and entertainment websites providing local content in areas of Business, Entertainment, History, People and Politics, Arts and Culture, DIY, Romance, Animals, Technology and everything else across 4 African countries; these websites are Buzz South Africa, Buzz Nigeria, Buzz Ghana and Buzz Kenya.


Technology today is becoming an essential amenity on the continent with mobile phones and mobile technology occupying a very important position, African economies are among the fastest growing in the world with mobile technologies emerging as a cornerstone for industries like healthcare, Agriculture, Banking and finance. With 90% of all phones in Africa being mobile, Is Mobile Africa’s Future? Let’s take a look at the infographic below for more