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Google Earth Street View was first unveiled in several states in the United States in 2007. However, since its launch, it has been rolled out to other countries as well. The technology allows users to view different locations via Google Earth. Unlike Google Maps, Street View displays the imagery in a more advanced and effective 3D format. Users are therefore able to get clearer stitched images. You can either use a computer or a mobile device to access and use Google Earth Street View.


1. Open Street View: – The technology is available through Google Earth or Google Map. The images are captured via a special camera which is mounted on cars roaming the streets. The equipment captures the images from a 360 degrees point of view.

2. Search the Location: – After opening the application, you will need to locate the exact location. You can choose to either use a mouse and click at the desired spot, or navigate through the map. The identified location is marked with a pin.

3. Activate Street View: – After finding the location you need to activate Street View. Initiating the applications will vary depending on your search method and also the type of map you are using. Activation can be done as follows:

· If you searched for the location using an address, you need to click on the image that will be appearing on the information box. It will be marked by a pin.

· You can also activate it by using the Pegman. Grab the Pegman by clicking and holding on to it. Drag and drop it to your desired location. The Streets and roads where Street View is available will be marked by a blue line that runs in the middle. The buildings will be indicated by a yellow circle while scenic sites will be encircled by a blue circle. In the latest Google map review, layering the Street View on the map is done by clicking the Pegman.

· Using Explorer: – To open the explorer bar in the new Google Maps preview, a user should click an arrow icon at the bottom of the right corner. After clicking, several sites and locations will be displayed. Simply click on the images to access Street View.

· Zooming: – The other method of activating Street View is zooming through the Map. Street View will be loaded automatically when you zoom past a selected location on the Map.

4. Area Viewing: – Activating the app allows you to view the area covered by Street View. You can zoom-in for a closer look, or embed the image to a particular site. There are two main ways of looking around.

· The first method involves clicking, holding and dragging the mouse to the desired location. However, the viewing takes place in a unique manner. Dragging the mouse to the left allows you to look to the right. If you want to look to the right you click and drag the mouse to the left.

· The second method of looking is through the compass. On the map you will find a compass that is surrounded by some buttons. On the original map, the compass and the buttons are situated on the upper-left corner. In the preview of the new Map, it is located on the lower-right corner.

5. Navigating Using Street View

One of the most fascinating features of Google Street View is the ease of moving around the map. You can choose to have a closer view of a location, or move to a different location. Street View will take you to the closest location when you click at any given spot on the image. You have the option of viewing scenic attractions in the region, taking a virtual tour, or exploring the community or neighborhood. The buildings and sites are marked by circles while the streets will be marked by arrows. If you desire to move a little distance on the street you only need to click on the arrow.

Google Street View has changed the way people stay posted on the happenings around their community. The photography is mainly done using cameras mounted on cars. Nonetheless, tricycles have also been used on rare occasions. The more improved 3D experience, high quality resolution, and ease of embedding the imagery on a website are some reasons that are contributing to the growing popularity.


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